Indian Government decided to Link Aadhar Number(UID) to EPIC(Voter ID)

             As we all know, India is 2nd most populated country all over the world so here In India it is a big deal to keep unique data of every citizen of India. India positioned 85th  among 175 nations rating according to TransparencyInternational (TI), the global watchdog on graft and abuses of power (Global Corruption Index).  

During the election session it is hard to keep away hoax and defunct electoral card with fake and factitious voters to the polling booths. Now a days whole politics turns into dirty politics. Every participating member just want to win by hook and by crook.

Every well wisher and good citizen of Indian democracy and ECI (Election Commission ofIndia) too always want to conduct and be a part of totally Free and Fare Elections. At present bogus voters and voter ID cards is greatest obstacle to the way of impartial voting in Bharat. 

Linking Aadhar Card to EPIC and Other services

  Indian government and Election Commission of India took a step to add Aadhar No. (UID) to voter cards as same as Indian government is focused on adding Aadhar Card with Bank Accounts , PAN, Gas connections, etc. to get rid of corruption from country. It is a good move to eliminate fake voters from ECI database.

How to Link UID to Voter ID card

The Idea of Free and Fair Election is hard to imagine until we eliminate fake and bogus voters from voter list. These fake voters have potential to change the whole result. So It is really important to add Aadhar card with voter id card as A Aadhar number consist of information like Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Bio-metric information too so no one can give fake information.

The Election Commission of India introduced a online National Voters' Service Portal on 25th January. On this website, the voters of India can alter their incorrect Voter Card entries like Name, Father’s Name, DOB, Address, so on. On same portal voters can add their Aadhar card number to voter identity card. This drive officially kicks off on 1st March 2015 and the voters would then be able to add the required details to connect both the cards.

Steps to Link UID to Voter Card 

  • Enter in your address bar or Click on link.
  • Navigate to Feed your Aadhar Number.
  • Click on it.
  • Enter your details and click submit.
  • you will get a message on screen Your request for linking Aadhaar number with Eletoral Roll database has been successfully registered.

Seed your UIDAI card with Voter Card using SMS

If you don't know, How to use internet. You don't need to worry, You can add your Aadhar Card No. by sending a SMS. 

  • Just type ECLINK <EPIC_Number><Aadhar_Nuber> and send it to 166 or 51969.
This program of feeding Aadhar Card with Electoral card, is known as National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Program (NERPAP) 

Benefits of Linking Aadhar to Voter Card

  1. Correction of wrong entered data in ECI's Database.
  2. Better image quality photograph of the voter in electoral database and voter card.
  3. Removing multiple entries with same details in electoral data.