How to Get a New Voter ID Card, Duplicate Copy and Check Progress Status in India- Simple Guide

Sharing the step by step procedure of Voter Registration to get Voter ID Card (New or Duplicate Copy) with how to track and check status of Voter ID- A Simple Guide to apply for Elector’s Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) in any States of India.

Under the practices of making voting process legally viable Election Commission of India approached various activities and amendment in R.P. Act and one of them was the Elector’s Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) aka’ Voter ID or Election Card.

The EPIC or Voter ID worked as a successful approach and leading today’s elections fair and free. This small card makes us eligible to participate in The Union Government, state assemblies, and panchayats chunav elections. The only thing that one needs to get his name in Voter List is being aged 18. This is the age where you are considered legally as a mature citizen and have right to participate in Elections in India according to the constitution of India.

Crossing the age limit is not the only thing that you will need to cast your vote, you still need a Voter ID Card provided by Election Commission of India first.

Note: NRI Candidates cannot vote in Indian Elections.

How to Apply for a New Voter ID Card or Register for a Duplicate Voter Card:

We all are unique so our Election Commission also needs something to check our uniqueness on papers so that they made this Voter ID Card to participate in Elections of various levels in India.
For an Indian Citizen this Identity Card works as a Universal Photo ID Proof for in any corner of India. It gives many common advantages that we do not need to discuss here. So let’s come to the point- How to get a New or Duplicate Voter ID Card
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Know Your Voter ID Card:


This card is printed on a paper with black ink only and contains information like your Name, Address, Age, Personal info. And a Unique ID for every individual with a passport size photograph. In beginning the process of getting a voter id card used to rely upon booth level officers on instructions of state election commissioners but today things has been changes and the whole process of registering for voter ID have a different system.

As it’s the age of Internet so this thing also has gone online, yes the Voters can request there Voter ID Card online by following a simple step voter registration. You are required to download below listed form to register as a voter and to apply for a Voter ID.
  • Form 6 to register your name for Voter List
  • Form 6A for NRIs
  • Form 8 to Edit and Make Correction in Voter List/Voter ID
  • Form 8A to change the Entity.

To know the steps of applying online for VOTER ID Card follow my earlier article on: “How to apply for Voter ID Card onlineYou will find information on How to Check Status of Voter ID card on Same page. The link will navigate you to article sharing information on online voter registration, Stat wise CEOs Lists, Local Registration Offices etc.

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