How to Apply or Register for Colored Voter ID Card- Get Digital Voter ID (EPIC) in Uttar Pradesh State?

Are you looking for the Process of Applying for The Coloured Voter ID? Here we have shared the articles on How to Register for EPIC Colored Voter ID in Uttar Pradesh and Other States. follow the steps to colored voter registration and get your Colored Digital Voter ID look like Pan Card.   

We all love trendy and digital stuff specially when something that we have to keep in our wallet, we prefer them to be look decent and standard; some of the common things that we keep with us are Voter ID Card, DL Green Card, ATM, Pan Card and Credit Cards. They all look same and like modern stuff except VOTER ID, isn’t it bad that the Election Commission of India has made this important identity proof election card with use of poor quality paper and low quality printing, the worst thing except you no one can recognize your pic in Voter Identity Cards.

Anyways the existing format going to be a story soon, as Election Commission of India has decided to give a Modern Styled Pan Card like Colored Voter ID Card. Basically the card is designed on plastic sheet, the card color is blue and it will have your Photo, Address, Name, Voter ID Number and Bar Code Printed with ECI 3D Hologram on it.  

According to the latest official news the plan will be implemented state wise, and it is initiated from Uttar Pradesh State as UP Government has taken the pilot project of providing the colored Voter ID to all Voters of UP. In an interview Mr. Umesh Sinha, UP Chief Electoral Officer said that the card will provide many advantages to voters and election board as well as to those boards and organization where Voter ID Verification requires.

Benefits of Colored Voter ID Card:

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Providing Colored Voter ID to Voters has many essential mottos behind it, Election Commission faces many issues in the existing voter ID card like the blur print that leads to difficult to recognize someone’s identity, during election sometime genuine voters get trapped and they have to face imprisonment under fake voting act. Apart from this the current Voter ID cards have very small age due to poor quality paper.  

Colored Voter ID EPIC Registration in Uttar Pradesh State:

So as we know that these colored Voter ID cards formally known as Colored EPIC registration will be started from UP State under the Pilot Project of Issuing New Colored Voter Identity cards to new and existing voters by Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh. According to the Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh the phase one providing these EPIC to voters has been initiated in that the district wise division and project plan is being initiates. On the basis of latest project report he said these Digital voter ID cards application, registration and delivery will be done completely before the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. On these cards you will see ECI (Election Commission of India) Hologram and Unique Bar Code that will help in getting rid of duplicacy and fake voting during elections completely.   

How to Get Colored Voter ID card in Uttar Pradesh:

The procedure to apply for colored voter ID card has not told by officials yet as it’s a proposed plan, however the rumors says most probably cards will be provided to voters on theme of ADHAR ID Registration Project. The Election Commission has committed to provide the Election Cards in Color Format to All the Citizens of Uttar Pradesh by January 25, 2014.

The Distribution of these IDs will be through multiple district/tehsil/block wise centers in whole UP States, if you want to apply for a new voter id then consider reading my earlier article on - How to Apply for Voter ID Online

Fee Applicable for Colored Voter Identity Card: INR. 30 Rs.

Documents Required During Registration for Colored Voter ID:

One will need to keep original with zerox copy of Pan Card or Passport or Any other Valid ID while filling application at Jan Suvidha Kendras made by Election Commission of India. You will be notified as soon as the process gets implemented.