How to Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card? Get Election Card Copy Online

Have you lost your Voter ID Card or Election Card ID? Are you looking about the information on How to register for Duplicate copy of Voter ID Card (Voter Registration)- Application Procedures and guidelines? then follow the below given article stating steps required to get a new copy of voter identity card.

We keep our important documents in security and with consciousness but sometimes we lost them too, loosing such documents like Voter Card, Pan Card and Credit/debit card is a very common issue but what after that? Obviously we need to apply for new copy of our lost document. In most cases the procedure is very simple and common but when things come to something that belongs to government bodies and ministries then the process look tricky. Funny but true, actually applying for a duplicate voter ID card is still a much simpler process in comparison to documents like passport and pan card.

So today we are looking for the procedure of requesting for a duplicate copy of your election card.  A Voter ID Card Aka’ Election Card ID is an essential Identity card for citizens of India as it not only gives you right to vote, instead it also gives you many advantages like one of the most common legal photo ID proof valid at any place, and for any kind of work where your identity is needed. The right for Issuing a Voter ID has been given to Chief Election Commission by Indian government.

Without a legal identity for a mature citizen life is actually very hard, as in our daily casual and formal activities we require them and if any how we lost any of such document or ID Card then you have invited troubles for you as this may lead to criminal offence done by someone else using your Voter ID card and stealing your information so if you have lost your Voter Identity Card or any other such ID or document then we advise you to file a FIR as a foremost step so that you will not have to face any consequences in case of misuse.

Now as you have filed the FIR regarding your lost Voter Identity Card so here we should look for the ways of getting a new ID.  In order to get a duplicate voter card one needs to apply from local booth / office or else can be downloaded from the official website of your state CEO
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How to Get Duplicate Voter Identity or Voter ID card?

As you are a victim of lost voter id card due to dropping it by mistake, misplaced it, left it somewhere or it is stolen, but all of you need a new copy of your election card so we are here to help you out as we are sharing simple step by step procedure that are required to be followed  in order to regain your voter ID card.

Follow the steps given below to generate your duplicate electoral card.
  • As said above you are required to File an FIR at local police station regarding the loss of Voter ID card.
  • You have to keep a copy of this FIR for future references.
  • Now download the Form 002 from ECI website or request it at your nearest Election Commission Office (The Form 2 allows you to file your application for duplicate Voter ID)
  • After filling the form in all respect provide the enclosures attached with it like FIR, any other legal ID proof copy like Passport, Bank pass Book, DL or Ration Card.
  • Apart from the above told documents you will have to provide your address proof, it can be any of following- Telephone Bill Receipt, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill etc.
After going through the given steps you are required to put your form in an envelope and reach to your nearest local Chief Election Commission office. When you submit this form the concerned official will provide you a receipt of receiving.  
You are advised to keep checking your Duplicate Card status online from the official portal of Chief Electoral Officer.

Steps Required to Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card Online:

We have gone through the procedure of requesting a duplicate voter ID offline but if you are a working professional then the above told procedure could not take place in your hectic schedule or you may need to cancel your important appointment or might be a leave from office, the worst thing about offline process is it is time consuming due to lazy work force working at our government departments. So a quick way of getting your duplicate voter id card is going though the online duplicate voter registration. Below we have share steps you required to follow in order to get your Voter ID card online.  

As you are Applying for Duplicate Voter ID card Online so you need to visit the official website of Election Commission of your state also know as CEO   State site, here at the website in download option you will find the form 002. Download and take a print and then fill it as instructed in above told steps and submit with all required documents at  Local Electoral Office

What if When Your Duplicate Voter Card is Not Issued?

Sometimes we encounter issues in delivery of duplicate Admit Card so in such cases your minor mistakes while submitting the form could be a reason, it could be any like wrong, false or damaged document attached with form. Mistakes in filling your Form 002 or may be any other but all you find yourself waiting for your voter id. If your Voter ID has not arrived in 2 months then it’s time to visit your local Chief Electoral Officer and here meet the concerned person who listen to complaints regarding delay, non issue or non delivery of duplicate voter ID. You may have to pay a nominal fee (vary from state to state) if applicable to get issued your new copy of lost voter ID Card

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