How to Register Voter ID Card Online- Form 6 Step by Step Registration Process

It’s mandatory to have a Voter ID Card for each mature citizen of any country to get right to vote. The Voter identity cards give you both right to Vote and entity and Citizenship ID. In India and other countries Voter ID cards play a significant role other than the voting i.e. getting phone and mobile connection, entry in hotels, verification of legal identity and many other thousands of services meant for law-abiding society.  Every year we get a big population that enters in age of maturity, age of adulthood and age of eligibility for VOTER ID Cards.

In India this age comes when you turn 18. And then they look for the Voter Registration procedure to get a Voter ID Card. It’s possible to register to get your Voter ID Card online, you just need to follow a simple procedure and after registering a couple of month you receive it through India post. So to apply for Voter Election Card online; below we have shared a simple step by step guide to register for VOTER ID in India:

But before knowing the simple steps to apply for your Voter Card make sure to collect the document required to finish an application registration that could be verified later either you can have consequences.


Benefits for Getting Voter ID-Card Online:

Online Voter registration gives you many advantages like Time, Eliminates Long Queues, Quick and Easy Process, No Broker in Between. Below we have shared point to point benefits of registering Voter Card online:
  • Registering Voter-ID cards online is a simple step procedure, it keeps you away from hassles, errors and rush that we experience during offline Voter Registration
  • If you’re applying Online for Voter ID than it will save your time and money both, Time because the government of India Election Commission delivers within 1 month instead of Polling booth Voter Card application 9 months process.
  • You can make changes whenever you want if you have applied for Voter ID Card online.
  • If you apply online you can check the Status of Voter ID card any time as well as you’ll be receiving updates every time your registration completes a process like verification, issuing etc.
  • To apply for Online Voter Id you don’t need to wait for any special month or week, it’s just like booking a movies ticket.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online?

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Go through the below given simple steps to apply for the Voter ID Cards online-
  • The foremost step to start the Voter Registration is by logging on to the Chief Electoral Officer website of your State.
  • After landing on the home page find the link navigating to FORM 6
  • Enter in the field the Information is being asked like Name, Email ID and Phone Number and submit
  • Here you will get your login username I form of number and password.
  • Now logon to the member page using the allotted credentials i.e. Username and Password
  • After login you’d be able to see a link says Form 6 Online.
  • Complete the all field by filling the details asked. (Make sure not to make mistakes in this form)
  • Now upload the Photograph- Passport Size Color Snap
  • Submit it

You’ve completed the Online Registration for Electoral Card/Voter Card. Now as a second step you need to submit the documents for verification in Hard Copy at nearest voters’ facilitation center.

Required Documents List to Submit in Second Offline Phase:

  • Address Proof.
  • Photo ID Proof.
  • ID Proof.
Congrats, here you have complete the both phase of offline Voter Registration process if the verification was positive.  

Check Online Voter Card Submission Progress:  

State CEO’s are entitled to process the online voter id card registration. The process of online voter registration was practiced in Karnataka state first time in 2011. We learned and after clearing the bugs in system today it is one of the best Election Commission’s successful projects.  

To check the status of your voter card we advise you to use the allotted login credentials, after login you would be able to see the status of your application. You can make changes into it if you wish so by editing the form until or unless it is issued.